Showbox for PC PS3, PS4 | Showbox Windows 10/8/7 App download

Showbox for PC PS3, PS4 | Showbox Windows 10/8/7 App download links is given on this page. Get Showbox for PC and enjoy watching movies and web series.

Showbox for PC

One of the largest South Korean film distribution company, Showbox has been active since 1996 and has been gaining huge profits with its day to day ventures in the market of film distribution. Showbox for PC has released an app which is even named as ‘Showbox’. Showbox is an entertainment hub for those users who want to stream movies and tv shows online. Life is boring without entertainment and it is like tea without sugar.

Streaming is one of the main source of entertainment in this fast-paced world. Showbox is such an app which would meet your expectations and will, in fact, allows access to the users to watch and stream sports-news channel and much more.  Showbox is an online media platform which enables users to enjoy awesome media content online right before you. It is very popular among the users all over the globe.

Showbox for PS3

It delivers a high-quality video experience in the different genre such as sports to news, movies to TV shows right at your fingertips without the need for any subscription. This wildly famous app works pretty similarly to the Popcorn Time app which allows users to stream movies, TV shows and more. You can imagine having Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, and HBO everything integrated into a single app. If you are a movie lover and you are interested to watch shows, movies, and TV sitcoms right at your device then Showbox for PC is the best place for you.

Showbox for pc

With Showbox, you can not only stream movies and TV shows but can also download it on your device.  You will be basically watching the episodes, shows, and movies from copyright infringed torrent sites. The very simple user interface of Showbox for PC ensures that you can find the media or the stream you have been searching for very easily and conveniently while navigating through the app. All the videos and shows available here can be watched for free of cost. It has no hidden subscription fee for watching or streaming any content on this platform.

Showbox for PS4

The videos present here on this app are divided into their suitable genres.  This allows the user a variety of option to choose from as one can explore these genres or can either directly search for the videos on this app using the search bar. Just think, watching shows such as ‘Stranger Things’ without even using any app, Netflix, without even paying a single penny. Isn’t cool it?

Showbox has not only got genres to choose from but also a perfect blend of all television series from Netflix, Hulu, HBO and also from Vudu.  With Showbox, you can, in fact, watch the online content media staying offline.  As you get access to even download videos with this app for free of cost!!  Navigating in this app is pretty easy and its user-friendly interface makes it even more easy to use.

Basically, the copyright infringed torrent sites will provide you the access to stream movies and videos. So, all it depends on is YOU. How cool are you about copyright infringement? Now the question may arise, is it safe to use Showbox for PC on your device?

Is Showbox for PC Safe?

It all depends on the source you are downloading from. Typically it should not be an issue, as it is likely you would download it from their official website. This app is not even available on Androids Google Play store.  There are over 1240000 google search results for Showbox virus and there are even some videos with the title “ How to install Showbox for PC 100% virus free” so that makes sourcing an official copy of the app quite risky.

The safety of the app to your device depends on the site or the torrent link you have used to download the app from. For obvious reasons, this app isn’t even available on google play store. This app helps you to watch movies and television series from the pirated website, so you will get this app only via third-party sites. If you face any issue in the app, you cannot even contact the developers. Many third-party sites claim to have the app but they do embed a virus, famously known as the “Showbox Virus”, it might affect the basic configuration of your device and may even slow down the processor. The site from which you download the app decides the safety of your device. Read this article till the end and find out the safe site to download the app for your device as we have provided with stepwise detail on how to get the app for both PS and PC.

Showbox For Playstation

It is a cross-platform app which is available for all Android, iOS device and even on PC. Besides these platforms, it is also possible to stream shows and movies on PS ( PlayStation ). Many have this wish to use this app via a gaming console. There are posts all over the webs to install it on PSP, but it was not easy for them to install and get things going. But we have explained in details so that you would not face any hard time while installing Showbox. First, you need to look over certain apps to run Showbox on your PSP. Firstly IMedia Share, MX player. Make sure to read the full post in order to run Showbox on PSP.

There are lots of benefits to watching Showbox on your PSP as you would be benefiting from watching everything on the big screen of the TV instead of watching it on the small screen of the smartphone. You can stream on a very high resolution on your TV and can watch it without interruption as the battery won’t quit on you. Moreover, you will have the access to control the app just using your joystick.

Steps to Download Showbox for PSP

To use Showbox on your PSP carefully read the instructions that we have provided and follow them step by step.

  • The first step is to download as well as install the Showbox, MX player and the IMedia Share app
  • Then open the IMedia Share app that is installed and then connect it to the Wi-Fi or Local Network which has to be the common network as on the PS
  • After that open the Showbox for PC and select any of the movie or Tv Show that you want to watch on your PS
  • On the screen where it displays the Players Option select others and then click on watch now
  • Play it using the MX Player
  • Then click on the options menu of the MX Player then go to options then tools then click on share. A small dialogue box would appear stating Please use your Ps controller  and go to the videos  then IMedia Share  then Videos then Now Playing
  • Now in your PS go to videos then IMedia Shares then go to videos and then to now playing.
  • Then select using the triangle button of your PS controller or by selecting it manually so that it displays the various options like Play, Play from beginning or Copy and information
  • By pressing on Copy the user would then copy the movie to the PS itself provided the movie has been downloaded to the device from the Showbox app

Showbox For Windows

Showbox has proved its capability in providing the user with a good entertainment experience and has even earned a strong userbase all around the world. As this app was originally made for Android platform you can not directly use Showbox for PC as you will have to follow some of the additional steps to get Showbox working on your windows device

Steps to download Showbox for PC

Using Emulator

  • Firstly download Bluestacks emulator for your Pc
  • Then install it from the directory by double-clicking on the file location and then following the steps accordingly to install the app
  • Then download the Showbox apk using the link:-
  • Then right-click on the apk file of Showbox that is just downloaded and open it with Bluestacks emulator
  • Using Bluestacks click on the Showbox icon to install Showbox on your pc
  • Double click on the icon and start streaming for free
  1. Using Chrome Extension
  • Download and install Google Chrome Web browser If you have already installed the app then skip this step
  • Then open google chrome app and go to this address:- Visit
  • Now search for Arc Welder Chrome Extension
  • Add it to Chrome
  • Click on the Add app
  • Then open a new tab on the browser and then click on apps
  • Open the arc welder extension
  • Now click choose and select the directory where the application data is to be saved
  • Then download the Showbox apk
  • In arc welder go to add your apk and then add Showbox apk which you had just downloaded earlier
  • After this Showbox for PC will be installed on your pc and to use it go to chrome apps and then to Showbox

Download Showbox for PC